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Portable Workout

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Doing push ups is a simple yet very powerful way to give your body a great workout.  You can do them at home, at the gym or when you travel - anywhere, anytime with no need for additional equipment.
push up training on the street

Whether you are proficient in doing push ups and would like to significantly increase the number of push ups you can do, or you are new to this and need help getting started - the training program presented here will help you boost your push ups to a new level in a very short period of time.

The presented training plans are challenging and require your commitment, but, as a reward, you will markedly improve your power, muscle endurance and overall fitness.  Also, don't be surprised if, after a few weeks on this training program, your chest, triceps and shoulders look much better.

Push up variety

Push ups can be done in many different ways.  Depending on your goals and/or abilities, you can vary the position of your hands and body, the amplitude (or range of motion) and tempo in which they are performed.

Following is a brief overview of this variety. If you are familiar with it, you may want to skip directly to the detailed description of the MasterPushups.com training program.

Whatever type of push up you choose, by following the training plan presented here, you'll be able to increase the number of push ups you can do in a relatively short time period.


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